360° VR Tours

and Spherical Photography

ARI is a leading pioneer in introducing 360° Spherical Photography and VR Tours to the As-Built Surveying industry; we have produced 360° tours of hundreds of surveyed properties across Canada and the United States.  It's this expertise and experience that we are offering to Real Estate professionals at a local level. 

360° VR Tours, like Matterport 3D tours, immerse the user and buyer into a space, allowing consumers to make faster and well-informed decisions.  And not only do 360° VR Tours offer a Virtual Reality walkthrough of a property, they can also deliver additional levels of interactive information and media, such as links, text, photographs, videos, and animation.  This dynamic range of possibilities makes 360° VR Tours an ideal selling platform and tool for the following uses:

- Commercial and Residential Real Estate Listings

- Rentals and Student Housing

- Commercial and Retail Leasing

- Capital Planning and Building Maintenance

- Warehousing

- Construction QA/QC monitoring

- As-Built Surveying and Shopfitting

- Tourism

- Conference and Hospitality Marketing/Booking

- Immersive Remote Employee Training

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